Curated by Juha van Ingen & Jarkko Räsänen in collaboration with FISH Gallery / FixC cooperative

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On 5th of December an participative webperfromance "Shrine of Daedalus" starts on www.taitale.net, where audience can sacrifice files by uploading them for instant deletion on web-altar of the Greek god Daedalus (pronounced "data loss") maintained by Jarkko Räsänen for one year. Daedalus was considered to be the protector of the classical arts, whereas his son Icaros-for whom he made wings-as image of a romantical artist. Daedalus has also the potential of becoming the saint of cyborgs, as he built so lively statues, that they needed to be tied to their pedestals. The names of the sacrified files will be added the visible log of offers. One can wish that the non-existent smell of burning bytes will please Daedalus's nostrils as a pleasant votive.